Why use print advertising?

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Why would you use print advertising when web and social media are seemingly dominating? 

Print advertising boosts the ROI on all of your advertising by driving traffic to web and social media and it reinforces your brand and identity in a broad variety of ways. Do you need to drive traffic to your website? Are you looking for a way to stand above your competitors? Do you wonder why your advertising is not delivering a steady stream of traffic and sales? Print advertising and print marketing is now the most direct and reliable tool that brings all of your marketing together. In addition, with print advertising the options are endless. Print on paper, signs, and promotional gifts, bags and apparel. This will improve your trade show results, nail the sale, or it will boost the new product launch to fly higher.

The demise of print as a marketing tool was predicted nearly 30 years ago. Since then nothing could be further from the reality we are living today. The utopian paperless world was presumed to be inevitable and we were warned to get ready. The world certainly has changed in three decades since then, but print is as useful and essential as ever.

It works.

This is true because we communicate now by integrating our senses and our marketing tools. It seems like some companies simply abandoned brochures, business cards, printed manuals and programs. Some businesses have even tried to eliminate forms and business cards, only to find that this left them without the glue that brings the best sales tools and results. When you build a Facebook page, website or digital library the power of integrating print advertising delivers incredibly efficient and effective results. Business marketers should remember that most people don’t find their way back to that digital and online information as easily as they do when they have physical and tactile printed items available.

Have you ever been frustrated by the time it takes for online information to be found? It is the pocket folder that contains a brochure, a proposal or an collection of materials that can be note-written or flipped through for quick reference that requires no power or loading time.

Try this.

The next time you are at a trade show, see what you remember best. Is it the logo you saw on 5000 bags? Is it the company that gave you a cool promotional gift? Then they sent an email or popped up with an ad or offer on social media? Could it be the new product launch that is beautifully explained and packaged in print? In conclusion, our digital print options that are great for 1-400 pieces and offset machines that offer great economy on higher quantities and large sheet sizes. We will match the best combination of old and new technology for your goals.

Start here.

Talk to us about how to make small changes that build your online presence and work for you. With a free consultation, your sales can see the benefit of aligning and integrating your marketing and pulling the right tools out of the toolbox.


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