• Is help available for layout, design or print prep if I don’t have a ready file?
    Yes. Our prepress experts will provide help with any part of print preparation that is needed. We encourage you to come with ideas but hate to deliver bad news. So before you dive in, it’s usually best to give us a call to make sure the time you invest in preparing files ends with a successful launch into production “.
  • I have been shopping online and need a price to compare?
     Developing your vision is essential. When you call us, we will take the time to answer questions, ask about what’s important to you and make sure that the print process delivers what you want in price, quality and delivery. We will never…ever, ever, ever sell you something that look just like someone else’s materials. Your brand and identity are the only things that matter. 
  • Do I have to supply fonts with my file?
    Yes. We have a library of gazillions of fonts and yet, we receive files every day with something new and fun that we don’t have. Font substitutions cause things to move around and that may end badly. If you are unable to supply fonts, please outline your copy and just know that after you do that, the text cannot be changed. You should save a copy in that case, and leave th original intact for type changes in the future.
  • When can I have it?
    Tell us when you need it and we will plan it into production or tell you what it will take to get it done. Tell us early and let us help. 
  • Do you print or are you brokers?
    We are real printers! We have ink, paper, presses and all the other machines used to cut, fold and finish it up! We also have nearly 30 years of experience with the technology, hardware and software so problem-solving is built-in.